I hope all the “fans” of TJ Lane, who disgustingly enough refer to themselves as laneatics realize that:

a. TJ does not give a shit about you. You can write to him all you want, he’s not going to care. What do you think? Your fanmail is gonna help him get through all of his butt-fuckingly fun times in prison? He’ll probably just find you pathetic because he clearly thinks he’s better than everyone else, including you.

b. TJ would probably kill you if he had the chance and the circumstances were right. He wouldn’t think twice. 

How can you idolize someone who can smirk and smile in the face of parents and siblings who have experienced an insufferable loss? How can you fantasize about a kid who would flip off the families of the people he killed? 

Stop romanticizing killers. He’s not some dreamy bad boy, he is a seriously disturbed kid. A disturbed kid who doesn’t give two shits that you like him. So stop. Please. Just stop. And you should go seek help if you’re justifying the killing of three boys just because you find the killer attractive.